MLS Foundation Dormitory Project

Furniture.pngThe foundation has received $526,000.00 toward the project. Our goal to complete the project is $665,000.00.

You might be wondering how we can have furniture without having all the funds to complete the project. That is where the planning comes in. The MLS Foundation board agreed to support this project. They approved the financing of the project and have secured a low-interest loan through Lutheran Association for Church Extension (LACE) for any funds needed to complete the project. This funding allowed MLS to complete the project in the summer of 2014 and eliminate the cost of waiting ($45,000 +/year).

 And here's a presentation about the project!
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A breakdown of the costs:As was done in 1976, we have broken down the project into room sizes and further down into furniture pieces to make the costs more understandable.
  • By Rooms
    • 2 person dorm room-$4,400
    • 3 person dorm room-$6,600
    • 4 person dorm room-$8,800
  • By Furniture
    • 293-Beds @ $322
    • 293-Mattresses @ $122
    • 293-Desks @ $344
    • 293-Dressers @ $327
    • 293-Organizers @ $157
    • 293-Chairs @ $160
    • 1172-Dresser Drawers @ $25 (Yes, the dressers have drawers, but this is our way of saying that any size gift will help build toward a furniture purchase!)
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